6 List of West Java’s commercial and non-commercialairports : CODASHOP
6 List of West Java’s commercial and non-commercialairports : CODASHOP

6 List of West Java’s commercial and non-commercialairports : CODASHOP

6 List of West Java’s commercial and non-commercialairports

Airportsin West Javaso far still have 6 parts. Menyumbang the largest percentage of the airport on the island of Java. There are only 23 airports on the island of Java, including the capital of the beloved country. Speaking of BandarA, do you already know the role of the mountain?

An airport represents an airport that is actually an aviation facility for planes and helicopters. As a place to take off and land. There is no doubt that in every large territory a province provides it. However, this airportmust include supporting facilities such as operators, terminals and aircraft hangars.

Therefore, ifeverywherealready has a helipad and runway, itstill does not includethe airport. Thus, there are actually many runways and helipads. However, the place is not yetin theairport category. For those of youwho are curious about the list ofairports in WestJava, here is the full review.

Kartajati International Airport

Beone of theairports that have acquired an international certificate. Kertajati is located right on Majalangka Regency, West Java. The location is not too far from the capital city Bandung. About 68 km or 4 hours by road. There is no doubt that Kertajati is the choice of many local and intercity travelers.

For the area of the location, it must be very large. It has even been crowned the number two largest airport in Indonesia. After Sukarno-Hatta airport. Then for the inauguration of the inauguration and the first operation fell on May 24, 2018. At the same time, Jokobi’s presidential plane landed there. A proud achievement for the government of West Java.

Lua usually again, the track area even reaches 3 hectares. More precisely 3000 square meters approximately. With this kind of area, it is easy for Kartajati to accommodate the world’s widest aircraft Boeing 777. Indeed, this is an international standard that West Java’sairports must meet ifthey want to hold the title of international operations.

For passenger capacity each year before the epidemic period occurred. According to the data, almost 30 million passengers per year. But, this is now in the time of the pandemic. This should be understood if there is a decrease. After all, the slow economy will still affect the interests of the aviation of people, both local and interlocal.

Airports in West Java Kakarawa

Located in Cirebonne, the location is much more than a condongfor the regency instead of the city. Unlike Kertajati which has a runway area of3000 square meters. Cakrabhuwana even has an area of no more than 4000 square meters. Naturally, this is because the flights carried out there are intended only for certain circles.

For flight exercises of visiting officials. However, in the future there is a possibility of developing into a commercial. This means that there will be domestic flights there. It is only that for the operation, it is at most for small aircraft. Because the biggest flight is only on the C-212 aircraft.

Nevertheless for the track surfacewhereit is sufficient. How can it not be that there is quality asphalt there. To be clear, Cakrabhuw ana is a Class III airport specifically managed by the General UPT Manager of Hubud. It remains only to wait for a while until the finished commercial development is completed perfectly.

Viradinate Airport in West Java

The airportin West JavaisWiriadinata. It is essentially an air alluvial base. Located on JLN, Lieutenant Colonel Basyir Surya TasikmalayaWest Java. The airportbelongs to the mountainous region. How not, the base surface of the city A reached 350 permukA land. Uniquely, today Lanud Viradiente is used as civil aviation.

It is also used for aerospace school flights. Just like Bandara Adi Somarmo Boiulai. The name Lano was taken from the hero of the Air Force, namely the posthumous air rear admiral, Raden Ataja Viriadinta. Its history is so long because it has been operating since 1946 long before Indonesia was as established as it is today.

Before it had the nameWiriadinata, this airport had the name Cibeureum. Just like the Luc Assi that resides in Orum Cibe. It was owned by KNIL from 1946 to 1950. In the end, the delivery was carried out and is officially owned by the Indonesian government. Then the renaming of Cibeureum occurred in 2001.

Hussein Sastranegara International Airport

Air Bandar is located in the village of Husen Sastranegara, Cicendo, Bandung City. There is no doubt that the location is in the urban center of Bandung. The history of taking his name is based on AURI military pilots who died during training during the Japanese colonial period. Hussein Sastranegara who was forced to die while serving in Yogyakarta.

Just like other Japanese state tactics such as BPUPKI, PPKI, and so on. In the past, it was established at a Japanese imperial air and ground base in Yogyakarta. So it can be understood that taking the name is worthy because indirectly Hussein Sastranegara is fighting to liberate Indonesia.

Back to the present, there are 10 major airlines that are both domestic and domestic that operateatthisairport of West Java. So for those of you who want to fly throughHusein Sastranegara Airport, youneed to choose which airline depending on your ability. There are Garuda Indonesia, City Link, AirAsia, Malindo, Nam Air, Singapore Air and others.

Atang Sanjaya Airport

It is one of the basic military airfields with type A. There is no doubt that this airport is of national importance. It can be said that he is the brother of Lano Halim Pradana Kusuma and Lanus Izawahiudi. For the sake of taking the name, it is definitely from the hero of the Air Force, namely Lieutenant Colonel Atang Sandja after his death.

Atang Sanjaya’s location is in Kamang, Bogor Regency, West Java Indonesia. There are many units of units brought under the control of Lanud Atang Sanjaya. Such as the fourth air wing of 6th to 8th Squadrons. Then there is an engineering squadron 024 and other side units.

Such as the 501st Education Squadron, the 503rd Education Squadron and the Air Force’s Pain Squadron AtangSanjayai A. The airport in WestJavahasmany military control centers, so the operation of flights there is intended only for the military. However, it may be used as a non-military commercial unit.

After all, with the creation of a new commercial airport. This can support the economic passion of the Bogorian government, of course. In addition, transportation is becoming more capable, so important guests feel relieved. It remains only to wait until the process of planning the change at the airport is completed.

Qizhoulang Nosawiru Airport

Unlike otherairports in West Java, a small type of airport for small planes. Its location is close to the popular tourism of West Java, namely Green Canyon. May be one of the reasons why it needs to be developed again. As oneof the largest airports in Pangendran, the Regency government should be sensitive.

For the airline that was there until now is Suzy Air. Not a stranger there? Indeed, this airline belongs to the former Indonesian Minister for Maritime Affairs. Mrs. Suzy Fujiastoti is the sole owner of Suzy Air. Drive from Nosawiru to Jacarat (Halim Pradankusuma and Silakap).

Just wait for the rest if this airport is charmed again. But when you see the beauty of tourism in it, the Regency government should be well aware of this. Maximizing tourism is not only in the field of tourism. But, also on transport to make it easier for passengers to visit.

How do you understand some airports in West Java this time? So far, only 6 are included in it according to the basic understanding of the airport. Soif you are in West Java, try using one of them. Allairportsin WestJava are certainly suitable for operational use.

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