Be sure to contact him when there is a problem. : TypesTrucks
Be sure to contact him when there is a problem. : TypesTrucks

Be sure to contact him when there is a problem. : TypesTrucks

The method of contacting the Permata Bank Customer Service Center is very simple.

How to contact The Gem Bank Service Center is not as difficult as it seems. Some people find this difficult because they don’t know what to do. In fact, if one knows how to contact this service center, the person must know that this method is very simple. When contacting the customer service center, it will be very helpful.

That’s because the call center’s response is so quick to solve different types of problems, it’s not appropriate not to contact him when confused in banking affairs. That’s because the information is incorrect.

That’s because the questions are answered directly by the CS. The answers from the CS are definitely official and the same as the answers that will be given when they arrive directly at the bank. So make sure you know how to contact cs.

How to contact the call center by phone

Permata bank itself divides the service to several contacts. This is a typical type of service that anyone can use.

The first contact is for domestic needs, while the second contact is for foreign needs. For the first contact, you can contact him at 1500-111, for the second person, you can contact him at +6221-1500-111  .

Actually, the availability of cs for 24 hours is not just for the first service. There are also other services such as priority banking and 24-hour advance banking, however, the contact between the two is markedly different from PermataTel.

At the same time, if you are abroad, you need to call +6221-1500-100. This service is intended for sensitive customers only.

This limited service is also owned by jeins preffered banks. There are also two types of numbers depending on the location of the contact customer. If you are in the country, customers can call 1500-110.

At the same time, when abroad, the customer can be contacted at +6221-1500-110. This causes very little delay in the phone.

Contact the call center in another way

In addition to by phone, you can also contact the permata bank customer service center through other methods, the first way is to take advantage of the email, the official email address of the bank gem itself,

Then create a new message and enter the desired address. Be sure to enter the name of the complaint or question to be received. In the Text field, enter the issue you found in the details. Be sure to enter into a personal contract, from the full name to the account number.

When receiving emails from consumers The Bank’s Jewellery Service Center will understand the intention of the email as much as possible. It also takes time to wait until CS gives the best answer, so make sure the questions provided are as detailed as possible. This makes it easier for CS to understand complaints.

In addition to emails, you can also contact Permata Bank through social media. One of the bank’s most active social media gems is Twitter.

First, prepare personal information and accounts as completely as possible. When ready, log in to your personal Twitter account. After logging in, look for the official account of the bank gems. The official account is @permatacare Official account of Gem Bank Service Center It looks like any other official account on Twitter.

Once the account has been found, you can contact it in two ways. For questions of a personal nature, you can use DM, since it is necessary to include certain personal information, for example, when making an email contact, but for those in question, just mention them directly with the @permatacare.

More about Call Center

There are often some questions related to the Jewellery Bank Service Center. One of the most common questions related to costs when contacting a service center. Please note that there is a room rate every time you call that number. Naturally, the rates vary when contacted at home and abroad.

When dealing abroad, inter-local tax rates apply. At the same time, if you contact within the country, the rates will vary depending on the SIM card used. Actually, email and social media contacts are an optional way to go when a customer doesn’t have credit in stock.

With complaints, it can still be expressed, even if it is not as fast as using the phone. Actually. The bank’s own jewel call center. It is developing a technology called Voice ID. With this technology, data monitoring when making calls can work faster. Some consumers complain about this verification of information.

That’s because data checks take so long to take a lot of customer credit. With the existence of Voice ID, data verification is not really done verbally. However, the system detects the voice of the party making the call.

With this detection, the system will immediately know if the person calling this is you or not, but to use the Voice ID service, you must first register your voice. This voice registration is done through PermataTel, which above has been described as 1500-111.

Be sure to contact him when there is a problem.

Do not let it not contact permata bank customer service center when there is a problem. One example is when your ATM card is swallowed or lost. If this happens, contact the service center directly to block the ATM card.

If this block is not finished, then it is possible that the ATM is used by another person, and the balance in it is immediately lost. Blocking using a call center can be the best defensive endeavor. In addition to blocking the ATM card, you also need to contact the information center if there are urgent conditions.

For example, ATMs often run into problems even if you make a large payment. That’s because the call center itself offers money transfer and payment features for various services.

With the advantages to be gained when contacting him, be sure to save the bank’s jewel contacts on a personal mobile phone. This can be very useful if at any time you have a sudden need. That way, you no longer need to look for jewellery bank call center contacts when you need them.

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