Check BPJS Employment Balance Without Having to Come to the Office
Check BPJS Employment Balance Without Having to Come to the Office

TeknoBGT: Check BPJS Employment Balance Without Having to Come to the Office

Check bpjs employment balance isan  important thing where the useris doing it.  Every human being who has worked  must be a bpjs employment participant. This service is held by the government. The h government service has many programs that are beneficial to the people of Indonesia.

BPJS Employmentis a social protection for indonesian people who are  working. This service  providesguarantees to participants in case of problems in work, such as work accidents.  If there is an accident, participants may get money to pay for  treatment.

BPJS Employment is useful as protection for participants from workaccidents, trusting old age guarantees, and so on. Participants will be protected because ofthe social and economic problems that may befall one day. With this guarantee, people do not need to worry about their welfare will be disturbed.

Social security made by the government is not only intended for people who domicile in Indonesia, but also  people  who domiciled abroad. Every Indonesian citizen is allowed to become a bpjs employment participant even though they are not domiciled in the country.

Bpjs employment balance check can be run easily. Although domiciled abroad, participants are able tosee their balance without having to attend the office of the legal entity in Indonesia.  There are various methods that can be taken in an effort to see the balance.

Getting to Know What IS BPJS Employment

BPJS Ketenagakerjaan is a public legal entity established based on the aim of protecting Indonesian workers, both in the formal and informal sectors.  This protection is in the form of Work Accident Guarantee (JKK), Old Age Guarantee (JHT), Pension Guarantee (JP) and Death Guarantee (JK).

The protection program offered by BPJS Employment can be decided by participants based on their respective needs. Each program providesbenefits for the lives of Indonesian workers.  By registering for the service, participants will get social security based on the established provisions.

It can be said that BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (BPJS TK)is a social insurance for workers. The service began operations on July 1, 2015. Previously, this service was taken care of by PT Jamsostek (Persero).  After that, Jamsostek service changed its name to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan in 2014.

Program services run by BPJS TK improve over time. You can take the program offered based on your needs.  Once registered as a participant, you are required to deposit dues. Payment periods vary, ranging from 1 to 12 months.

After depositing the dues, you can carry out the employmentBPJS balance at  any time without having  to attend the office. You can run a website, application or ATM machine to see the amount stored based on the contributions you have deposited.

BPJS Employment  Work System and Disbursement of Funds

Bpjs Employment work system is almost the same as health insurance. The system is based on premiums deposited by workers or employers. The funds are then managed in investment purposes. The proceeds from the investment are then returned to the participants.

The system is also similar to savings or investments.  The premium deposited by participants will be developed by this legal entity through investment. Funds that have developed are thenpaid back to the owner, namely the participant. The funds can also be seen by participants through bpjs employment balance checks.

Once you are registered as a participant, you can cek BPJS balance without difficulty through various methods.  In addition, the balance can also be disbursed by complying with  existing provisions. Disbursementsranging from 10%, 30%, to 100%.

When working , participants can take waterby 10% or 30%. Pencairan 10% can be used as a pressfor retirement, while 30% can be used in terms of perumahan costs. While 100% disbursement can be done when participants are no longer working.

Disbursement of funds from bpjs employment balance checks can help the people of Indonesia in meeting their living needs. Workers who are injured or about to retire can rely on these funds. After retirement, participants can receive funds to continue living in old age.

The Uses of Having BPJS Employment

BPJS Ketenagakerjaan has 4 programs that can be selected by its participants, namely Work Accident Guarantee (JKK), Old Age Guarantee (JHT), Pension Guarantee (JP) and Death Guarantee (JK). Workers can choose programs based on their individual needs. Each program has  great benefits for participants.

First, the Work Accident Guarantee (JKK) program. This program is useful in guaranteeing the health costs of workers in the event of a work accident. Work accidents can happen anytime and anywhere unexpectedly. Therefore, this program can cover hospital costs if participants get injured while working.

Second, the Old Age Guarantee (JHT) program. The program is useful to guarantee the old age of participants after retirement. After retirement, participants can get money from contributions previously  paid to BPJS Employment.  Through these contributions, participants get enough results that can be used after retiring from work.

Third, the Pension Guarantee (JP) program. This program serves in supporting workers who are in retirement. Seis no longer workingand has no income, participants can get money from BPJS Employment based on contributions that have beendeposited before.

Fourth, the Death Guarantee (JKM) program. This program is useful in providing guarantees for participants who died but were notaffected by the aan. These funds will then be handed over to the participant’s heirs.  The program  eases the burden on families left behind by participants.

Contributions that have been deposited can be seen thedevelopment. The trickis to check bpjs balance. This can be done easily through various ways. For example, through a website or application. Balance checks can berun only using gadgets.

How to Check BPJS Employment Balance

Bpjs balance check can be done through various ways. First, through the website. You can open the official website at  Select the “participant services” category located to the right of the page. After that, click “labor”.

There will be a pop up with the words: “BPJSTKU”. Click the post and then log in. Enter your email address and password tosee your balance.  If you can’t log in, then you must register first.

In addition to the website, you can cek balance BPJS Ke tenagajaan through bpjstku application. After downloading the application on the Google Playstore you can immediately find out the balance by clicking “view balance”. Youmust log this by entering an email address.

In addition to online, BPJS balance checks can be done through BNI ATMs.  If you are at an ATM, you can simultaneously check bpjs balance. The trick is to insert the ATM card into the machine and then press the pin number.

Then select the menu “check bpjs employment balance“. Pchoose “check the balance”. The ATM machine screen will display your balance information. After checking, be sure to take your card from the ATM machine.  Do not leave the card at the ATM machine.

BPJS Employment is a social security for Indonesian workers, both domiciled domestically and abroad. Services from the government offer a variety of programs that are useful for its participants. In addition, the employmentBPJS balance can also be done easily.

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