CIMB Bank reaches customers using social media : YoutubeMp3
CIMB Bank reaches customers using social media : YoutubeMp3

CIMB Bank reaches customers using social media : YoutubeMp3

CIMB call center  , report your complaint using different platforms

As one of the  major banks,  CIMB call centers can now be  accessed using various platforms.   Starting from conventional lines like phones to use internet media so customers can make calls more flexible using the platform.

Different types of complaints      can be reported directly to the center from trivial issues such as incorrect data to fraud  cases, to customers being advised to use this feature as much as possible  .   Don’t let it go when something  awkward happens.

If customers actively participate in reporting  such incidents, it will also be easier for the bank to improve customer service  .   Don’t dream of maximizing all customers’ services.   For that, visit the  CIMB  call  center  to submit your complaints.

If you feel  that using conventional methods such as phone is not able to provide complaints, email use or other  digital   media  .

How to contact the CIMB call center  using the phone network

One way to contact the  CIMB call center is  to use  the number 14041.   This  is the official number of the bank that  can be used by prospective and customer to find information and submit complaints  .   Don’t get the wrong number because of the potential for fraud.

CIMB  Bank  provides non-stop customer service  for  its  customers for a full  24  hours  .   No matter the holidays if  there is disruption, you can immediately report so that the problem can  be resolved so customers  using  CIMB  services  will be more comfortable.

Various problems can be solved without having to come to the branch office if you use consumer calls  from the bank.   Starting with   obstacles that occur when transferring or trading, the problem of losing your card can  be reported immediately at any time  .

As  a smart consumer, of course you use the service as much as  possible.   There’s no need to believe fake news if  cimb niaga  call center  cuts  your savings balance when calling  things like this don’t have to be believed because it’s clearly a  news hoax.

To avoid misinformation,  it is highly recommended that customers with the bank confirm directly  .   Nowadays  there is often vague news circulating  that the source is not clear so  as a wise customer you have to  check the information.

To make consumer calls, of course  , you are only charged according to the network operator tariff   .   In addition  , there is no further deduction made  by  CIMB Bank for its customers.   Use these customer service to find detailed information about the bank.

Contact cimb call center from abroad

For  customers who  are working or vacationing abroad  ,  there is  no need to worry about the difficulty of making customer service calls  you can still  reach  cimb bank  using the number provided.   Just  call 299788888-6221  to call the  centre.

You will immediately  be connected to the customer service department to receive complaints  or inquiries.   The  costs incurred to  contact  the CIMB call centre  from abroad still depend on the telecom operator’s tariffs.   So rates can definitely vary from one to another.

Calls  made from abroad will be placed  on a  separate server by the bank.       So don’t worry you wait too  long because of the large number of customers who  call . . . if the channel is busy you  can simply try again in a few minutes to connect.

Calls from abroad can also be made at any time for 24 hours. Cimb Bank has never closed the communication channel between customers and the center so consumers can still find information   or file their complaints even during holidays  or certain hours.

Due  to the  quality of calls made  from abroad, it once again  depends on  your  communications provider if you use a good service then networking and sound  will also be maximized  .   Avoid making calls abroad  during bad weather as it affects the sound quality and comfort of your services.

How to report a bank customer complaint using email

Not only  from mobile phone lines,  now  CIMB Bank  has also opened  consumer services using email  so to complain that it requires specific details, you can make  use of  this feature to make it easier for customers to explain problems using email outlets.

To be able to connect  to customer service from a  CIMB  bank, you just need to send an email at Email addresses can be  used by  prospective and customers to find information as well as send complaints that occur  about banking  issues.

The email provided by CIMB Bank   is  an additional support for  CIMB call  centres so that customers with special interests can quickly transfer their problems  .   Some complex cases such as  data errors and unsuccessful transfers can be easily reported using  email.

You just need to attach the image as proof of system failure.   This of course makes it easier for the bank  to  be able  to  confirm this issue.   So  without coming to the branch office you  can  now solve the problem.

Email responses from  CIMB banks are also very  fast within minutes, customers  can connect and receive responses.    You don’t have to wait long , let alone  day to  get a reply email  from the bank.   Customer convenience is a top priority so you  can  transfer smoothly.

CIMB Bank reaches customers using social media

Along with the development of  the social  media usage  process  , CIMB Bank  also has an account  to reach customers.   You can search for these social media  accounts on more TOWIE, Facebook, and Instagram platforms  .   So you can interact directly with the bank practically.

Social media  can also be used to report crimes  such as  fraud.   Currently, different modes  have been used  by  irresponsible individuals on behalf of cimb bank.  If you know of a case like this  immediately contact the bank.

As a cooperative customer, of course, you don’t want other customers to experience fraud offenses.    That’s why  social  media was created to make it easier for people to get to the bank in a short time.

It takes  a  long time to open the  social media app  compared to the need to contact  the  CIMB call center.   The manager’s response from social media was also swift   because there is now a  special officer to  handle it.   So the exchange of information between the customer and the bank can occur quickly.

In addition to being used to provide social media complaints from banks,  CIMB  also often offers important information about banking  so there is nothing wrong if you  are looking for these social media accounts  to increase knowledge.   There are  definitely new things to explore through the platform.

After knowing how to interact with CIMB Bank, surely you will no longer be presenting complaints  if you are faced with a complaint  , immediately report it to  CIMB  Bank  because customer convenience  is a priority.   Maximize  simb call center features for your convenience and security.

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