How Check bpjs health status
How Check bpjs health status

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For a long time, they have not made premium payments every month, users must check bpjs health status before being frozen or blocked. The problem is, now that this health insurance launched by the government, is very important for certain situations, such as sudden illness and needing to be taken to the hospital, and not overcharging.

Paying premiums every month is cheap, according to the class followed and adjusted to your ability based on income. It should be, do not pay late let alone deliberately forget. Because, when you are sick and suddenly directly use BPJS, pay directly, instead of quite expensive?

The latest rules even say that if there are late paying users, they will be blocked immediately without waiting too long. Therefore, for those of you who forget to pay bpjs bills, check the status first whether it is still active or not.

How to check bpjs health status is also easy, we will tell you. Starting from registering, how to check the status to the benefits of having BPJS. That way, you will later maintain membership for the sake of health insurance in the future.

Know First How to Register for BPJS Kesehatan

Before we tell you how to check the status of still active or not a member of BPJS Kesehatan, indeed you must have done a list of BPJS health online or can also come to the office.

However, the current pandemic period if you want to register for membership is more recommended to register online in order to prevent the spread of the virus, because it meets many people. What’s more, if done via online, there is no need to queue and can save time.

BPJS Health is a program developed by the government for the community of all circles, to be able to get decent and guaranteed health services.  So, once registered, do not forget to pay the premium. As a reminder, routinely check the status of BPJS health.

Directly, if you want to register as a member, registering online can be done in the following ways:

  1. You must first visit the official BPJS Kesehatan website. Later there is a list column, just click it by following all the procedures and instructions in it.
  2. Complete the form well, and it is mandatory to enter the current family card number as well as the active email.
  3. Get a virtual account  number to make payments via bank.
  4. After making the payment, only then print the e-ID to be taken to the branch office when taking your original BPJS card.
  5. In the process of retrieval, it is required to bring some supporting documents that you can know through the website.

Additional information for you, it is easier to register online, you can first install the JKN mobile application and get some advantages in using the smartphone application.

Before Checking BPJS Status, First Know The Membership Number

Before you get the original card, of course you don’t know how many valid membership numbers. It also makes you unable to check bpjs health status or even bills.

Therefore, for more details, you are required to know the membership number first, so you want to check the status, bill or due date can be known to everyone.

In doing this step, it is quite easy and does not take long because it only uses a smartphone, enough of the following 2 alternatives:

  1. Through JKN Mobile Application

Before, you make sure you have downloaded and installed it on the phone, after that login and do the steps:

  • Select the participant menu
  • Enter NIK (KTP Master Number)
  • Click search and later the number will be visible.
  1. Check from the Official Website

Go to the website and go directly to the BPJS dues check menu, the next steps, namely:

  • Enter the NIK or KK number along with the date of birth.
  • Enter the validation code
  • And directly click the check, later the bill will come out as well as the membership number to be able to check the status of BPJS health.

4 Ways to Check  BPJS Health Card Is Still Active Or Not

Many people sometimes are more focused on their work, so some things they forget. One of them is forgetting to pay dues from BPJS. This has often happened by the people of Indonesia today.

Given the new rules that late pay will be frozen immediately. When they just remember the dues payment is dues, immediately check your BPJS status  whether it is still active or not.

Fortunately, now checking bpjs health status is quite easy and there are many ways that can be taken. When remembering the payment of dues, immediately check before it is too late. Because opening the blocking later is also quite difficult and needs more time.

We recommend how to check the status easily that can be done by you as a BPJS participant without having to queue to your city branch office:

  1. Website

Participants must already know the official website, right? Just login with:

  • Enter the participant’s number, date of birth, and validation code on the dues check menu.
  • After that the status and details of the dues will come out on the screen completely.
  1. SMS

It can also be via SMS with the format: BILL (space) Membership number. Send it to 087775500400 number. Wait a while until you get a reply from the center.

  1. Application

If you already have the JKN application, it is even very easy and can even be a reminder of timely payments. How to check bpjs health status through the application is:

  • Sign in by entering your membership number.
  • Once the menu is out, tap the bill. Later will come out all payment details and active status or not.
  1. WhatsApp

BPJS also has a WhatsApp account operated from the Information center. Just keep 08118750400 contacts. If you contact the WA, you will be assisted with the information needed. Including how to check bpjs health status.

Why Apply to Become a Bpjs Kesehatan Member?

Every year, the government always provides new policies for this health program, so that the people of Indonesia can get the best medical services and make the country always healthy.

When compared to other health insurance companies, it is better for you to register for BPJS only because there are many benefits obtained with one ID card.

Although there used to be corruption cases in this institution, but all systems have returned well, and the dues per month have stabilized again. If you ask, why you should register with the following government health services, this is the reason:

  1. First, of course, because the premium payment is very cheap per month.
  2. For mothers who are about to give birth, can receive free labor facilities.
  3. During pregnancy can also do ultrasound without being charged excessively.
  4. With this one health service, almost all health risks will be covered by the cost. So there is no need to be confused when you have to be hospitalized, because there is already BPJS that covers the cost.
  5. After registering as a participant, the waiting period is not long and you can immediately use it and enjoy many health facilities.
  6. As long as diligently paying dues, it is able to guarantee the health of the entire life of its participants.

Various polemics have indeed existed in this health service. It’s just that, now the management is good and you can guarantee health in the future by joining the membership. It is always routine to check bpjs health status so that dues are not in arrears or frozen.

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