List of prudential health insurance products : WisataBagus
 List of prudential health insurance products : WisataBagus

 List of prudential health insurance products : WisataBagus

 Prudential Call Center Number  and its Product List

Before finding a prudential call center  number  ,  it’s time to  know more  about  this insurance company. Prudential is a company that serves financial services  , which  was founded in  1995  . The company actually comes from the UK and is a life insurance company.  The industry is more focused on running its business.

With his work that has gone globally  , it immediately warmly welcomes his presence by the colour of the  country.  Of course, the company has always been committed to providing its services and facilities to consumers.  In addition, talking about the business license was also completed.

So if the Indonesian people want to join the project, they have nothing to worry about anymore.   Also, from the past to the present, the company has been able to dominate the market because all  its  products are considered perfect.   Therefore,  if you are curious about what the product will look like, you can contact the Prudential Call Center.

List of prudential health insurance products

As the most reliable insurance company operating in the country, of course,  it makes its  facilities and products more complete.    There are also some additional benefits offered by him, so that his customers always increase each time.   Here are examples of the product, among them:

  1. PRUmed cover, this product is one of the most popular in the health insurance industry  because it has additional benefits.   This includes  daily assistance if  the premium owner  has to undergo hospitalisation, surgery,  treatment in the ICU  room, etc.
  2. PRUmed Cover Sharia,  as  the name suggests, this scheme is offered  to those who do not want  to  escape from  sharia  rules  according to The Islamic religion.  When participants need to be hospitalized, they will also receive additional benefits from previous preparations.
  3. For more information about this product at PRUprime Healthcare, you  can ask directly to the Prudential Call Center.    You will receive guaranteed protection against bills charged from the hospital as well as benefits  according to the  wishes  of the  participants.
  4. PRUprime Health Sharia, just like the previous  method, this product  also includes an insurance plan based on  the  rules of the Islamic religion. Suitable  for those who want to get health care without ignoring the existing Sharia.
  5. PRU Hospital & Surgery Cover Plus, everyone likes this product very much because  it has additional benefits.   This  benefit is  obtained on the basis of the plan selected by the premium owner and therefore any cost of treatment in a clinic or hospital is fully compensated by prudential.

Benefits of purchasing Prudential Health Insurance Premiums

All of the products mentioned earlier can be found for additional information directly  from Prudential’s call center. That way  you will know what are the advantages and  benefits of purchasing health insurance  premiums  owned by  prudential company.  Below are some of the benefits of joining as a part of them   , among them:

  1. In conjunction with Prudential, you can all  get additional benefits as needed at an affordable premium price.    Not only that, every customer always has the full support of the agent when they need help.   So you won’t feel alone.
  2. Having  a prudential insurance premium  will make  you feel safe, as it can also be used as a long-term investment where the cash value is actually much higher than what you save through the bank  .  In addition  to its added value, it also has advantages.
  3. You  can also get the opportunity to get points  , which can then be exchanged for gifts from prudential.   To be sure, you  can contact  the Prudential Call Center  and ask about this directly.   So you feel very lucky.
  4. Compared to health insurance in general, the claim process  here  is much quicker and easier.   In addition, the claim process can be assisted directly by the agent by completing only the completeness of the  data.   So  you can save more effort in the claim process.
  5. Not only that, when you buy the premium  online, you get  the policy  fee more efficiently than  offline  because  there are  delivery costs  and  the infrastructure is reduced here, so that the premium is also cheaper.

Terms to apply for insurance and how to request it

After understanding the product and its benefits, it’s time to know  how  to  apply for insurance based on common needs.   Then  figure out how to claim  it  so that the  benefits are realized more fully.  In general, all of this information  can be obtained directly from the  Prudential Call Center.

However, the remaining participants  can apply for the premium if they are between the  ages of at least 1 month  and  65 years.  In the meantime, especially for the maximum age for this insurance cover, the age of the participant can reach 75 years based on the date of birth of the actual participant up to the age of the participant  .

The number of ages of the  insured is also included for additional basic protection, but with the need to be selected for more than 1 package.   For the rest,  you  can easily and quickly make a claim using the following methods:

  1. This warranty claim method can be done by contacting the medical service before hospitalization. It should not exceed 2×24 hours.  In addition, participants  are required to clarify  to the officer for  24 hours and  also show  the insured’s card.
  2. In the meantime, if you would like to submit a refundable claim, please fill out the fully issued claim form.    Do not forget to include  a  certificate  from the doctor and his medical application so that every payment receipt  and its details and test copies must be filled in  order to make this claim.
  3. In the case of the claim process,  which is not hospitalised  ,  this can be done by filling out the  form directly as per the original policy.   It should  also have  an  identity card  and proof that you are a beneficiary of the insurance. So everything has to be complete.

How to contact the Prudential Call Center

In fact,  it is  easy for anyone, including prospective customers, insurers, or policyholders, to contact this  prudential insurance company. This includes  properties  that make the company reliable  .   That’s why  the communication media offered  are so abundant.

This  is done   so that the consumers can easily contact them on matters  related  to insurance.  Premiums  start  with buying complaints or asking questions.   The public channels  that can be communicated  can be by any means.

One of them is  via the prudential call center  phone number.  You can contact  him  directly  via 1500085 or go  directly to  his head office to ask about  the  ins and outs  of the most complete information located  in that area  in Jakarta.

Customer service is always available every day except On Sundays.  Of course, with different service times.  If you call  monday to  friday, call  from  8  a.m.   to 4 p.m.    Meanwhile, on Saturdays, you can  contact  between 8   am  and 12 noon.

With this service,  you can ask a variety of common questions about  prudential  health insurance at work.  But  if you want to hear about your policy,  make sure to disclose your full identity.  So the answers given by the Prudential Call Center  are very accurate.

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