Origin story from  Bandung City : ChordLirikLagu
 Origin story from  Bandung City : ChordLirikLagu

 Origin story from  Bandung City : ChordLirikLagu

Folklore collection from west Java yang’s most interesting

There are many folktales from  West Java  that contain messages, so lessons can be taken, of course, there are folklore in all regions of Indonesia where many believe that the story is just an essay that cannot prove to be true. But there is a message that can be taken from the story even if it seems to be making it.

Of course, this story should be known to the younger generation, so it should not be forgotten. Especially at this time, there are already many younger generations who love to play the internet without knowing these kinds of folklore.

This condition, if abandoned uncontrollably, will adversely affect the continuity of this story. So,  here are some stories you should know  , because they are so full of meaning. Because  this folk tale from West Java isn’t just a story, so it’s very interesting to read.

Moreover, there are life values that can be learned in such a way that the next generation can become a role model. In this way, these values will be applied in such a way that they can have a positive impact on the younger generation in the future.

Stories about Mount Thanguban Perahu

This folk tale from  West Java  tells the story of Sankuriang, who falls in love with his own mother, D’Ayang Zumbi. His mother, who knew she was going to marry her child, put a condition to stop the marriage.

But unexpectedly, his son accepted this condition, where he must dam the river and build a boat before dawn arrives. The work done by Sankuriang was quickly completed as he had the help of a jinn.

Seeing this, Dayang Zumbi racked his brain to do a way not to get the job done. So he rolled up a silk cloth, which seemed like dawn, and such a condition caused the chicken to wait, because he thought that morning had come.

But Sanguriang had not completed his work at the time, so he was angry because his own mother had rejected his proposal. So he expressed his anger by trampling down the built-up boat. As the boat finally capsized, it became a mountain currently known as Thankuban Perahu.

Of course,  these folklore from West Java are very interesting  to know  , considering that Tanguban Perahu is one of the most popular tourist attractions in West Java. Moreover, the mountain is also in the form of a boat, so many people believe in this story.

Besides an interesting story, this mountain has a goodtaste, so many people love it. Moreover, there are many moral messages that can be taken from the story, especially about the relationship between the mother and the daughter.

Origin story from  Bandung City

Another folk tale from  West Java  is about the origins of the city of Bandung. The story begins with a rivalry between Jakka and Veera, students of a college, where the character of the two is diametrically opposed to each other, but complementary to each other, so they are like brothers.

However, conflicts started occurring when they liked her teacher’s daughter Shekhar, the same woman. The handsome-faced Jaka finally asks Shekhar, but his father accepts the proposal  without P Utri’s consent.

But in reality Shekhar was fond of Vaira, so he held a contest to subtly reject this proposal, where Thanguban would marry a man who could extinguish the boat lava. Eventually, Jaka and Veera looked for a way to win the competition, but Jakka couldn’t actually do it.

But he agreed to it, but after wandering around in Jaka instead of looking for a way to extinguish the lava, he played around. However, this is different from what the worm did where the various ways in which the lava could be extinguished were done. At last he saw the beaver who had built the dam from the tree.

This eventually prompted him to find a way to extinguish the lava. In the end, the Vira Sitaram blocked the river and tore the hill and withheld the water of the river until it was finally able to extinguish the lava on Mount Tankuban.

So in the end it turned the basin into a lake. Eventually, Veera and Shekhar got married and had children. However, years later, the dam created due to high defecation collapsed, so the water in the lake dried up.

As a result, a landscape with loose soil appeared, which prompted many to move to a new location. Eventually the new place became the city of Bandung, whose name was taken from the dam or the shore. These  are the folklore of West Java, which many still don’t know.

 Folk tales about Lutung Kasarung

The folklore  from  West Java  is about Lutung Kasarung, which tells the story of a princess named Purbazari who met a prince who was cursed to be a monkey. It seemed to be suffering from a skin disease because her brother used her daughter Purbazari.

Cerita west Javanese people  lutung kasarung.   It was because of his illness that he was thrown into the forest and thus met Langur. Langur, who really liked the ancients, finally prayed to the Almighty, so that  a lake could appear to the water that could cure P. Utri’s  skin disease.

Later , after her skin was cured, PUthuri was taken back to the palace, but the princess’s elder brother Purbarrang became jealous and feared that Purbazari would take back his authority. Finally, the elder brother asked the king to make a run, i.e. the fast cooking and the length of the hair competition.

In both races, the younger brother became the winner, so in the end the older brother asked the king to conduct a new race to determine who the winner was. The competition is about who is the best partner.

In the end, Purbazari brought a langur and introduced himself as his partner, but his brother mocked him because his partner was a monkey. As a result of heartache, he prayed to the Almighty to finally restore his form to its original state and then be allowed to be allowed.

At the end  of this Western Javanese folklore  , Purbazari became the winner, so that he was entitled to be a royal dreamer, and his brother P. Urbarang was not punished despite being proven guilty and defeated.

 Folklore  about The Nini Reef

Another West Javanese folklore  is about Nini Reef, where the story begins with an elderly couple whose names can be blessed with children. In order to meet the daily needs, the husband will go to sea and go home in the morning with a catch that eats or sells himself.

But one day her husband was allowed to go to sea, but the husband did not return home until morning. The wife also panicked, so she went to find her husband along with the other villagers. But the wife, who had finally given up, one day prayed to the Almighty to reunite with the Almighty.

But suddenly a rock appeared in which someone said that the stone was an image of her husband. A surprised wife finally prayed to the Almighty to become a rock like her husband.

Of course, the two stones are placed close to each other, and until now the nini coral can be seen on the beach. Therefore, there are many lessons to be learned from the above story about the wife’s loyalty to her husband. So it’s  very important for the younger generation to know  these West Javanese folklore  so there are many lessons that can be taken and applied in everyday life.

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