Select language and fill in the PIN : LpmJambi
Select language and fill in the PIN : LpmJambi

Select language and fill in the PIN : LpmJambi

Permata and Permata Sierra Bank codes are important for transactions

During inter-bank transactions, permata  and permata sierya bank codes are often sought by customers. At present, the needs of the society are more diverse so that interbank transactions also happen frequently. That is why each bank also has different codes to facilitate the various processes.

Generally,  the codes used by Permata and Permata Ciaria banks  are also composed of three numbers. Where to find this code during transactions using ATMs or m-banking. But to be fast, sometimes most people prefer to search through the search page.

Then the code works for many types of transactions. It is common when KAMU is transferred from various banks. Furthermore, youcan also use it when you top up THE DNA via an ATM. Here DANA is a digital wallet that is increasingly being used nowadays.

Permata and Permata Sierra Bank codes are used during inter-bank transfers.

Since the principles and operations are different, the Permata and Permata Sierra Bank codes are also  different.   Even though both are in the same shade.  Permata Bank has a code of “013”. In Permata there is a ciaria “784”.

However, the use of gem bank codes and Sharia gems  is exactly the same.   Customers  of different types of banks  are strictly used when transacting to  two types of banks.  Through ATMs, e-banking, SMS banking or other services. Generally used while transferring interbank cash.

It should be noted that while using a shared ATM, users also need to use this code . Where the ATM Bersama is a machine that can be used for transactions from different banks. But  if really KAMUis conducting transactions with a different bank, then this code is still required.

In addition to the two codes mentioned above,  there are also many other digit numbers that Permata customers need to know, especially the traditional yesandnot sharia. That’s the code when filling in DANA. The number to be added before dana phone number while toping up is “8528”

On how to top up DANA through an ATM, you will also need permata and permata ciaria bank codes.

Permata Bank code is also required to top up DANA through ATM, the following are:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM

How to top up with gemstone bank codes and Sharia gems, of course, insert your card into the machine. Make sure the position is correct so that you can make the next step. Choose a language that is easy to understand. Fill in your PIN and try to be careful while doing it. So that the PIN is secure and only you know it.

  1. Select the transaction and fill in the code

Next, select the type of transaction to be performed. Click on the “Other Transactions” option and then select “Transfer”. Then enter the code “013”. Only then write the number “8528”, then write the DANA number that will be filled in the balance. An example to write is 852808xxxxxxxxxx.

  1. Write the top up amount

Now youcan write down the nominal that you want to keep in the DANA balance. Remember that the minimum nominal IDR is 10,000,-. so the KMmust fill or exceed that amount. Then select the source of payment. Once the transaction details appear, you can select “Yes” whether it is correct.

  1. Complete the transaction

Make sure that KAMU has received a notification that the transaction has been completed and that the transaction is successful. Now it is a matter of completing it by selecting the “Cancel” button on the machine. Then automatically theKAMU card will come out. If you don’t want to use the card, don’t forget to take it and save it.

Top up DANA by Permata Internet Banking, Permata Bank Code and PermataCiaria


There are also ways to top up Dana through Permata Internet banking, including:

  1. Go to the official website

Enter the official website first. You can do this through any browser. Do it on your laptop, computer, cell phone, tablet, or other device.   Of course,  you can only do this when youfirst open an account.

  1. Fill in the user ID and select the transaction.

If the website is opened successfully, all you have to do is fill in the user ID given earlier. Also enter the account password. The KAMUis then directed directly towards the main display. It’s time to select the transaction type. Select the “Transfer” menu, then click “To another bank”. Then click on the “Online” option.

  1. Enter fund number

Next, you will check the “Register new account” menu. Here select Permat as the destination for the bank.   Fill  in the Permata Bank code to top up dana  , which is 8528. In fact, follow it with the phone number registered for DANA. Write an example 852808xx (phone number).

  1. Fill in the balance top-up amount

After several steps above, you can now fill in how much nominal you want to fill. The minimum IDR is 10,000,-. So  KAmu can fill only nominally or surpass it. As per the rules, the maximum balance in DNA every month is 20,000,000,-.

  1. Enter sms token

The last step is that youwill get an SMS token. Enter the token through your smartphone. Once the transaction is verified, the DANA balance will be filled. In fact, don’t forget to exit internet banking, especially when you are not using a personal device.

How to transfer from another bank ATM using Permata Sierya Bank code

The  way to  answer TR from the ATM using the code from Permata Sierya Bank  is as follows:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM

In addition to the DANA top-up,  we also  provide an overview of  how to transfer gems with bank codes and Sharia gems from other banks  , especially when using ATMs. The first step is to insert your  card.  Don’t forget to position the card  accordingly so that the next transaction can take place.

  1. Select language and fill in the PIN

Now select the language you want to use,  use a language that you understand best, for example Indonesian. Only then fill in your PIN andcard ri. Generally, any bank uses a 6-digit number for its customer’s PIN. Make sure that no one else has seen the PIN for security considerations.

  1. Select the type of transaction

It’s time to choose the type of transaction you want to do. This will be different depending on what atm k amu is used. But usually  tap the “Transfer to another bank” menu. Generally, customers must first select the “other transactions” option. Then  there is also a  menu  that displays the bank code  you want to go to.

  1. Top up account to go

But sometimes customers tend to be very lazy when looking for codes one by one.   You can then enter the Permata Searya Bank code with “784” attached directly to the destination account number. After that, you can fill in the money you want to send. For additional information, these inter-bank transactions are subject to additional charges.

  1. Complete the transaction

Before processing  the transaction  with the Parmata and Permata Sierya Bank codes, the details will first appear. i.e. the name of the account holder, the bank name and the money to be sent. If this is correct, youneed to complete the transaction. Finally, do not forget to click on the “Cancel” button and hold your card.

In addition to transactions using ATMs, if you want to transfer to Permata or Permata Ciaria banks via m-banking, you also need a code. Similarly when using SMS banking. If different banks do not use the code, the transaction will not run automatically.

But other things are still likely to cause obstacles. So when the transaction is not successful, you should contact the call center to the concerned bank. Especially when you  add permata and permata ciaria bank codes, but the transaction has not yet been processed as required.

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