Student centre in the country : Blog2
Student centre in the country : Blog2

Student centre in the country : Blog2

Use of Studentedienssentrumgebou in Lesingwêreld

A university obviously has a Student Service Centre or space for student and student activities. In general, the student center can also be considered a lounge, serving as a liaison between students, faculty, and teaching staff.

According to records, there is a university in Doha, Qatar that knows very well how to create and build this SC room comfortably and modernly. The university is called Hamid bin Khalifa University, where univ collaborates with Legoretta + Legoretta in creating a center for student activities.

Through the activity center you can find a variety of interesting facilities. From the health center, counseling center, accommodation facilities, and recreation rooms, students can take full advantage of it without getting a dime. For his own external affairs, the Student Centre designer is  also inspired by the traditional Qatari market.

The blended architecture of Arabic and Mexicoko has transformed the center of this student activity environment as a space full of artistic value. For the base, this room is also built with concrete and thick walls with a layered stone arrangement. The sports hall is made with a steel structure.

Student centre in the country

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Until now, different universities around the world definitely want to get world-class University (WCU) status. WCU is a term for those who can develop quickly and continuously, adapting to market demands. The ng marker of  this designation  will refer to kemampuan excellence in international standards.

The existence of World-Class University status is expected to refer to the achievements and competencies of the lecturers at each university. In addition,  this predicate is expected to enhance the quality, value and reputation of the univ. Adequate facilities can certainly support academic quality and have a positive impact on student satisfaction.

One of these facilities is a Student Service Center.  In this case, the student activity center plays a very important role as a space for interaction, recreation and socialization activities for students. It is also ensured that various universities across the world have an optimally functioning Student Centre.

In order to achieve this level of efficiency, the student activity center needs enough space where it can support all existing activities. From an architectural point of view, the space in a building plays amajor role in carrying out the intended and expected functions.

In Indonesia itself, one of the universities with enough student activity space is at Gadjah Mada University. Through the example ofone university in Indonesia,  the students and teaching staffachieved the proposed learning goals.

Optimal use of student service serum

In fact, the Student Centre can be usedas a form of effective learning enhancement in improving the quality of student learning. From this, this activity center can also be used directly in the world of lectures. Students tend to be more actively involved than schoolchildren.

The best learning processactually depends on student interaction to actively understand the material. In this case, the lecturer or teaching staff only acts as facilitator. The existence of this activity will motivate students to be active in conducting research, discussions and book authorship.

Applying the Student Center Learning approach to the student activity center can be trusted to bring positive values. First, this tode can enhance the learning of  mo tivasi of all  students. Indirectly, they will be motivated to master the theory and continue to want to do studies, especially if students are facilitated with the publication of scientific papers.

Second, this approach will make students more independent and responsible during the learning process. With the concentration of activities in the Student Service Center,  students will be expected to continue active learning. They also need to do research that is then matured with presentations during lectures.

For the latter, the advantage of the Student Center approach is that it allows students to learn in depth. Students who have used this method are expected to explore the area of knowledge taken independently. Without any instruction from the lecturer regarding other additional materials, students will  determine their own literacy.

The most important role of a student service center

In general, the construction of the student activity center building is aimed at facilitating students in various activities and activities. Of course, as an activity center, it can be known whether this building is directly under the control of the Assistant Rector II. There are many main functions for the use of this building, including the following.

This building can be used as an office complex and a variety of student activities such as SEMU, BEMU, SEFA, BEMFA and student activity unit offices. The design of this building is also usually built on several floors where the first floor is used for the assistant rector III, the head of the Bureau of Student Affairs and his staff.

When you enter the 2nd floor and so on, you usually find several spaces used for student activity offices. The existence of  a Student Service Centre is indeed very important because it supports students’ progress from non-academic aspects such as organ  activities, talent interests, reasoning and other activities.

Office centralization also makes it easier for students to manage and manage while improving relationships between students of all faculties. Again, the existence of SC is expected to increase student achievement of academic and non-academic achievement.

Studentedienstesentrum in Lenore

Having known many student activity center functions, it is certainly common for each group of students in each faculty to want to borrow services from the activity center to host multiple events. The nature of the event in question is certainly the nature of campus activities or departments or faculties.

If you want to make sure you borrow  from this student service center , you need to at least understand the procedures and procedures required. For the former, students must take care of an application for a loan licenseto the Rector or Vice-Chancellor of the University. Documents of the Ministry can be taken care of.

The application letter file will then be naturalised to the BKM pen by the Vice-Rector III. Further, the file will remain at the head of interest, reasoning and information. After nature has passed on behalf of the Head of Interest, Reasoning and Information, the document will be moved to the Head of Facilities and Information.

If the last file came out, then the process is to check the data regarding the use of this building.   If anyone uses the results of the building test, Kasubag will coordinate with the Area Head for the next step. ORMAWA will also receive this notice.

However, if the results of the building are not used, the process continues with the creation and inspection of the concept or concept to lend the building. And finally, the loan documents will be distributed directly to students or applicants for loan applications for the  student service center building   .